MINE 2013: Microbiology Students Class of 2010 Excursion to Thailand

Last year, on 9-14 September 2013, 43 students of Microbiology Study Program class of 2010 had an excursion or also called Microbiology International Excursion (MINE).In this excursion they went to various universities, companies, or industries that has microbiology as their basic of technology, application and development in Thailand. This excursion is held annually as their… View Article

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Excursion: Microbiology'08

In addition to the courses in class, ITB’s microbiology students have annual program that has been held since 2006, excursion. On 9th ‘til 16th of November 2010, Microbiology students class 2008 held some visits to some  companies and institutes in Singapore. The excursion held by them was meant to give the students knowledge and insight… View Article

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