Graduate Profile

Graduates' first job waiting tiem

Graduates’ first job waiting time

Learning outcomes and curriculum are determined with regards to feedback from various stakeholder including: job market, alumni, and student evaluation. In addition, an advisory board also provides inputs concerning graduates profile and competencies needed by students.

By training program aiming at developing competencies and skills, we hope to generate microbiologist with leadership qualities that will enable them to positively contribute in various fields such as industry, government offices or department, health and environmental research fields, and also university teaching and research. Moreover, the training aimed to enable the graduates to pursue further educations and other training needed for further development.

A tracer study, specifically focuses on the waiting time for a first job, showed that students graduating from UPMb are quickly accepted in various jobs. Data above summarizes the study which shows that most of the graduates gain their first jobs in less than 6 months after graduation. This finding is one attractive reason for new students to enroll in UPMb. This data showed that the waiting time for first job meet the quality target of SLST.

Several graduates of the Program are shown below

2005 Taufik Dwi Saputra Mayora Indah