Fermenstation : Between of Kitchen and Laboratorium

November 28, 2016 9:57 am
As time progresses, human’s awareness about health and hygiene is gradually increasing. This brings about the need of standardization in food industry, including fermented food products. Not only concerning quality of food in terms of health and hygiene, standardization has since been a need in industry in order to ensure that manufactured products always have constant characteristic and quality. As a program which focuses on microbial life and application, food standardization is one of the main concern in Microbiology undergraduate program in School of Life Sciences ITB. The topic of food standardization is the theme of main project in Analytical Microbiology course.Fermenstation, which stems from ‘Fermentation’ and ‘Station’ literally means where fermented foods are gathered. Fermenstation itself is a series of event which consists of workshop and fermented food exhibition which has been standardized through Analytical Microbiology course. Not only exhibiting, Fermenstation is aiming to give insights about microbiology and fermented foods to community. Exhibition-goers are also given chance to taste fermented products exhibited.Although main concept of Fermentation is fermented food, theme of Fermenstation is always renewed annually. The latest Fermenstation to date has been held last year with the theme of vegetable based products, “Veggie Wonder”. The series of event started with pre-event of essay competition about exploration of microbe in food industry. Together with INDDES ITB, HIMAMIKRO “Archaea” as organizer also held packaging design competition called “Wrap Up! Design Challenge 2016”. Workshop pre-event called “Dari Dapur Menuju Wirausaha Kreatif (lit: From Kitchen to Creative Enterpreneurship)” was also held. The workshop guides the participants on fermented food making, such as kimchi and yoghurt making. In collaboration with Disperindag, SBM ITB, FSRD ITB, Paragon, and Growbox, a talkshow about creative product packaging was held titled “Creative Packaging for Good Business”. Main event of food festival has been held successfully on 29th October 2016, attracting 7000 goers at Cikapundung River Spot.Further down the history of Fermenstation, here’s brief overview of Fermenstation from 2011 to 2014Fermentation Reloaded 2011The event on 2nd to 3rd May 2011 brought the theme of fermented food and beverage in form of natto, buttermilk, bandung tofu, cheese, tauco, and soyhurt.Dive in Taste : Fermenstation 2012

Titled “Dive in Taste”, the event was held in Jatinangor. The food exhibited were fish-based fermented food. A variety of Indonesian traditional food such as Rusip, fish sauce, samu fish, ikan pindang (lit: Boiled Fish), shrimp paste, and oyster sauce was introduced in the event.

4th Fermenstation Year 2013

In Fermenstation 2013, a pre-event in collaboration with Trans7 called Makan Besar (lit: Big Feast) and talkshow was held first. Main event was ran in Basketball Court West Campus Center on 5th May 2013, bringing forth fermented food and beverage amazake, vineapple, mandai cempedak, glutinous rice tapai, nata de mello, pineapple peel vinegar, kimchi, and corn milk yoghurt.

Taste of Local Wisdom : Fermenstation 2014

Highlighting local fermented food and beverage, main event which was held on 3rd May 2014 introduced growol, cincalok, breadfruit tapai, rice tapai, bekasam, gembos tofu, tempoyak, and oncom. A pre-event of fermented food making workshop was also held on 26th April 2014.


Source : Epitope ARCHAEA