Nurturing Personal Growth Through Competitions : Achievements of Students of Microbiology ITB

August 8, 2017 2:03 pm

As an undergraduate program that fully supports the growth of its students as an individual, Microbiology Undergraduate Program of School of Life Sciences and Technology ITB has always been encouraging its students to participate in various competition and events that could enhance their skill. By putting their hard and soft skill to practical approach, one could improve their competency and deepen their understanding about the field they’re passionate about. Here is latest coverage of Microbiology students’ achievements to date


ASEAN Microbial Biotechnology Conference 2016

In the conference held in collaboration between SITH, BIOTEC, BBRC, AFOB, and AnMicro; two of Microbiology Undergraduate Program students Rara Ajeng Annisa Wulandari (10413010) and Ifatul Khasanah (10413007) received a honorable chance to present their paper poster on standardization of Indonesian traditional fermented food, Tempe. In the paper, they aim to standardize jack bean Tempe in order to industrialize its manufacture.


Indonesia International Biomedical Students Congress (INAMSC) 2016

In the last INAMSC event, Muhammad Farhan Maulana (10414016), Clarista Aprisia (10414014), and Jayen Aris Kriswantoro (10414032) presented their paper “The Future of cfDNA Non-invasive Prenatal Testing in Indonesia: Analysis from the Perspective of Ethics and Economic Parameters”. This method hasn’t been put into practice in Indonesia, and is potential to be an alternative non-invasive diagnostic method which reduce the probability of fetus’ failure. It is also explained the potential of the application through ethical and economical perspective if this method is to be used in Indonesia.


National Conference on Arising The Next Generation Indonesian Life Scientist 

In the national conference held by Surya University, a paper with the topic of “The Effect of Ultrasonication on Inactivation and Viability of Escherichia coli” was presented by Muhammad Farhan Maulana (10414016), Haniswita (10414024), and Nanda Seftyana (10414024). By studying the effect of sound wave on inactivation and viability of Escherichia coli, it is possible to determine the optimum frequency to be applied in order to sterilize food or beverage.


Lomba Karya Tulis Ilmiah PPPIPM (lit: Scientific Paper Competition PPPIPM)

On the last 26th October 2016, Universitas Negeri Padang (lit: Padang Public University) held semifinal round of scientific paper competition. Three of Microbiology Undergraduate Program students, Muhammad Syukron (10413003), Agatha Nabilla Lestari (10413009), and Haniswita (10414024) presented the paper in theme of environment. The scientific paper tells about Recirculating Aquaculture System. This system is proposed in response to waste contamination that causes shrimp harvest failure in Subang, 2016. The system utilizes nitrification bacteria in order to remove excess ammonia. The system also doesn’t need water replacement as water will be recirculated. In order to apply the system in Subang, analysis on social and economic aspect of the system application.


Lomba Karya Tulis Ilmiah PPKS 2016 (lit: Scientific Paper Competition PPKS 2016)

Aiming to increase pollination of commercially important palm tree, Nurul Luthfia Chandra (10413017) and Lulu Nur Afifah (10414019), two undergraduate students of Microbiology Program offers a creative solution by utilizing microorganism. In the scientific paper titled “Optimization of Palm Tree Product (Elais guineensis Jacq.) with the Utilization of Attractant Bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis to Attract Pollinator Insect Elaidobius kamerunicus”, they created sticky trap utilizing said bacteria in order to increase pollination of palm tree.


Lomba Karya Tulis Ilmiah ITS EXPO (lit: Scientific Paper Competition ITS EXPO)

In collaboration with Metallurgy and Physics Engineering student, Haniswita (10414024) an undergraduate student of Microbiology Program develops organic based bio-corrosion inhibitor. By utilizing Neem tree (Azadirachta indica ), a tree commonly found on streets of Indonesia, it is possible to develop alternative inhibitor without competing with food industry demand as in the case of lemongrass inhibitor application. A thorough paper was done covering the factory design, corrosion simulation and modelling, and also the character of the inhibitor itself. The paper passes semifinal round in this competition which was held by Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November.


Lomba Karya Tulis Ilmiah TOP COP UGM 2016 (lit: Scientific Paper Competition TOP COP UGM 2016)

In a national-scale scientific paper comptetition held by Universitas Gadjah Mada, Irwan (10414031) and Ahdina Karima (10414015) presented a paper about application of physics for daily life. They tried to apply Geographical Integrated System (GIS) in order to reduce light pollution. Light pollution can be a hazard as it disturbs circadian rhythm of living organism and lightens the sky so it will be harder to see sky objects. With the application of GIS system, human can detect light pollution and therefore take proper measure to handle it. In the paper, it is also advised to use LED light and lampshade to minimalize light pollution.


Dow Business Plan Competition

Food waste and food losses are big issue in global agriculture and food security faced by entire world. According to FAO, about one-thirds of whole produced global food wasted incidentally or purposefully before and after reaching consumers or not at all. In order to reduce the amount of organic food waste generated by domestic or culinary sector, Agatha Nabilla Lestari (10413009) with her partner developed NI&Co, which is a kit composed by composter and natural inoculum. NI&Co is able to reduce organic food waste by transforming the waste into compost by fermentation process. The natural inoculum is necessary as starter of standardized fermentation process to produce high quality compost, meanwhile composter in necessary to deliver optimal growth environment suitable for microorganisms in the inoculum in order to transform organic food waste into compost for plant fertilizing. NI&Co is a solution to solve futility and vanity of wasted natural resources, particularly food, caused by human behavior, by returning what were given by the nature, back to the nature safely with the help of natural engineers in biogeochemical cycle, the microorganisms.


NAFTEX 2016 Business Plan Competition

In a business plan designing competition organized by Universitas Brawijaya, Darling Febriani (10414038) together with partners from other undergraduate program created innovation called “Soygae”. Soygae is an algae-based soymilk; made from soymilk and Chlorella sp. Soygae is an answer to three health concerns in Indonesia. First, around 68% of total population in Indonesia is are lactose intolerants, therefore lactose-free milk substitute such as soymilk is needed. Second, Indonesia is 10th in place as country with highest obesity level; therefore healthier choice is needed to lower cholesterol consumption. Third, it has been proven that millennial generation prefers healthier and more organic choice than previous generations. Soygae has an advantage in this market as the ingredients used are 100% natural and organic, without using preservative. The product has lower glycemic index, therefore safe to be consumed by people with diabetes.


ITB Innovator Move (InMove) 2016

In the annual event held by ITB InMove 2016, a team of five Microbiology Undergraduate Program; Haniswita (10414024), Meliantha Zhang (10414029), Clarista Aprisia (10414014), Darling Febriani (10414038), and Maria Fransisca S. (10414032) designed cosmetic product containing astaxanthine as an active ingredient. The usual source of the expensive active ingredient has been red algae, but by extracting axtaxanthine from shrimp skin waste, it is possible to lower the cost; thereby reducing the price of the product. The design has successfully went through Top 6 round.


Essay Competition of Promoting Indonesian Archipelago Local Wisdom through Radio as Mass Media (lit: Essai Competition Mengangkat Kearifan Lokal Nusantara Melalui Radio sebagai Media Massa)

In the essay competition held by VISI UNS (red: UNS Communication Studies’ Student Union), Gigih Agung Pradipta (10414023) presented an essay titled “Podcast: Key of Indonesian Radio Development” which assesses the difference between Indonesian and global radio. Although we already utilized online radio which enables live streaming, strangely, it is very rare to hear term ‘Podcast’ within Indonesian society. Meanwhile, in outside of Indonesia, Podcast has been a popular media with healthy and educative environment. The essay also discusses the strategy of applying Podcast effectively.


Kebumen Tourism Ambassador Central Java (lit: Duta Wisata Mbak dan Mas Kebumen Jawa Tengah)

Dina Aurum S. P. (10413039) won second runner-up in Tourism Ambassador of Kebumen Central Java choice. The selection was participated by 189 participants through administrative selection, essay on tourism, conversation, and governmental knowledge. Thirty finalists went through quarantine for 4 days in Van Der Wicjk fort. In the quarantine, finalists are given knowledge about governance, protocol, West Java culture, public speaking, body care, and cosmetic.

“ I would like to  thank you for the opportunity given to me for the next one year. I hope I can motivate you all my friends to contribute in conserving culture and tourism of your hometown in the middle of busy schedule of school. Because culture and tourism influence our future”, said Dina in the interview.