Dr. Gede Suantika

Aquaculture Science and Technology

Dr. Gede Suantika is a lecturer with expertise in aquaculture science and technology. Before taking part in Microbiology, SITH-ITB, Dr. Gede obtained his BSc and MSc in Biology, ITB, followed by PhD in aquaculture science from Ghent University, Belgium.

His research focused on the development of technological design and implementation of closed and zero-discharged water system for high-economic potential of fishery commodities, such as Giant Fresh Prawn, by studying and taking the benefit of natural interaction between microorganisms in aquatic ecosystems (i.e nitrifying bacteria, microalgae).

  1. Development of Recirculate aquaculture system (RAS)
  2. Biofilter development using nitrifying bacteria
  3. Microbial community stability studies in RAS
  4. Aeromonas and Vibriosis syndrome control in RAS
  5. Microalgae growth promotion through microbial manipulation


  1. Ardea, A.N., Astuti, D.I., and Suantika, G. 2013. Storage temperature and fungicide effect on fruit quality during storage period: A case study in PT Mayasari Bakery. International Seminar on Tropical Bioresources for Sustainable BioIndustry (ISTB), Bandung.
  2. Astuti, D.I. Aditiawati, P., Suantika, G., Puspasari, W., and Pratiwi, M. 2013. The Effect of Different Feed C:N Ratio to Bacterial Community in Giant Freshwater Prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii de Man) Nursery Using ZeroWater Discharge (ZWD) System. International Seminar on Tropical Bioresources for Sustainable BioIndustry (ISTB), Bandung
  3. Aditiawati, P., Widyaranti, P., Astuti, D.I., Suantika, G.,and Simanjuntak, H. 2013. Studies on Vibrio Population in Zero Water Discharge System through Chlorella sp., Nitrifying Bacteria and Probiotics Bacteria (Bacillus megaterium and/or Bacillus amyloliquefaciens) Addition for Nursery Phase of Macrobrachium rosenbergii de Mann. International Seminar on Tropical Bioresources for Sustainable BioIndustry (ISTB), Bandung
  4. Rosada, K.K., Afianti, N.F., Astuti, D.I., Suantika, G., and Aditiawati, P. 2013. Bacterial Community Structure of Planktonic Cells and Biofilm at Saguling Hydro Power Using Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE). International Seminar on Tropical Bioresources for Sustainable BioIndustry (ISTB), Bandung
  5. Suantika, G., Aditiawati, P., Rusni, M., Arief, R. R., Turendro, O. R. 2012. The Use of 3dimensional Cubical Bamboo Shelter for Nursery Phase Productivity Improvement of Giant Freshwater Prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii de Man) using Biofiltration Technology Through The Application of Nitrifying Bacteria and Chlorella sp. in Indoor System. ITB Journal of Sciences, Vol 44A, 2, 129144.
  6. Zeily Nurachman, Hartati, Syahfitri Anita, Etsuroyya Ewidyasari Anward, Gestria Novirani, Bill Mangindaan, Suryo Gandasasmita, Yana Maolana Syah, Lily Maria Goretty Panggabean, Gede Suantika. 2012. Oil productivity of the tropical marine diatom Thalassiosira sp. Bioresources Technology Journal, 108, 240244.
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  8. Suantika, G., Anggraini, J., Hasbi, F.A., and Yanuwiarti, N.P.I. 2012.Does Zero Water Discharge technology enhanced culture performance of pacific white shrimp (L. vannamei). The 4th International Conference on Mathematics and Natural Sciences (ICMNS), Bandung 89 November 2012.
#Code - Course NameCredit(s)*
1BM2203 - Microbial Ecology and Evolution3
2BM3206 - Phycology2
3BM4090 - Final Project I0.5
4BM4091 - Final Project II0.5
5BM4202 - Aquatic Microbial Ecology2
6BP5090 - Final Project I0.5
7BP6091 - Thesis and Final Defense0.5
8BP6103 - Aquaculture Production System3
9BI4101 - Aquaculture3
10BM4102 - Microbial-Based Product Development Project1
11BM4104 - Microalgae Culture Technique3
12BA4107 - Soil Microbiology1
13BI5105 - Aquatic Ecology2
14BI3102 - Ecology Project2
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