Dr. I Nyoman P. Aryantha

Fungal Science and Technology

Dr. Nyoman is an expertise in fungal science and technology. He obtained his BSc and master degree from Biology, ITB and then followed by PhD in mycology from University of Melbourne, Australia.

His research takes place at the exploration, optimization and production of local fungi for high-nutrient food and pharmacological interest. Besides, he also conducted an extensive research works in micrbial fuel cell development and interaction between plants commodities, for example: palm oil, and endophytic microbes (i.e fungi, bacteria) for development of natural biopesticides and soil biofertilizer in agricultural and industrial sector applications.

  1. Rhizosphere microorganisms-plant interaction
  2. Microbial community study in palm oil plant
  3. Fungal-based products development
  4. Biofertilizer development and Plant microbial-disease control
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#Code - Course NameCredit(s)*
1KU1201 - Introduction of Engineering and Design0.5
2BM3204 Mycology2
3BM4206 Microbiology3
4BI5202 - Microbial Signaling and Interaction2
5BM3001 - Research Methodology0.5
6BM3003 - Current Topics on Microbiology2
7BM3101 - Microbial Biosystematics1.5
8BM3107 - Fungal Technology Project2
9BM4102 - Microbial-Based Product Development Project1
10BW4204 - Forestry Microbiology3
*refer to the lecturer's credit of teaching

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