Fenryco Pratama, M.Si

Microbial Genetic Engineering and Microbial Physiology

Fenryco is junior lecturer in Microbiology and part of the member of Microbial Biotechnology Research Group in SITH. He obtained his bachelor (Microbiology) and master degree (Biotechnology) from SITH, ITB. His research interest focused on microbial physiology and genetic engineering for drugs development. He is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in Biotechnology at University of Manchester, UK for deeply studying about microbial glycoengineering and production of therapeutic protein.

  1. Medical Microbiology
  2. Microbial Physiology
  3. Microbial Genetic Engineering
  1. Giri-Rachman, E. A., Pratama, F., Aji, O. R., Patriati, A., Ihsanawati., Moeis, M. R., Putra, E. G. R. (2015). Expression and Purification of PhoR Sensor-Domain Histidine Kinase of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Eschericia coli. Microbiology Indonesia, Vol 9 (2), 51-57
  2. Aji, O. R., Pascapurnama, D. N., Pratama, F., Ihsanawati., Moeis, M. R., Giri-Rachman, E. A. (2014). Cloning, Overexpression, and Purification of PhoR Cytoplasmic Domain Protein from Mycobacterium tuberculosis strain H37Rv. Microbiology Indonesia, Vol 8 (4), 1-6.
#Code-Course NameCredit(s)*
1BM3207 - Microbiology1
2BM3203 - Principles of Fermentation Technology 1
3BM4202 - Petroleum Microbiology1
4BM3002 - Microbiology Laboratory Assistant1
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