Intan Taufik, M.Si

Microbial Physiology and Molecular Biology

Intan Taufik is a junior lecturer in Microbiology Department, ITB. He got his bachelor and master degree from SITH, ITB and now he is still studying in University of Groningen, Netherlands to get his doctoral degree. His research interest is lying on molecular and physiology of microorganisms for solving industrial problems and future bioproducts development.

  1. Taufik, I., Kedrov, A., Exterkate, M., & Driessen, A. J. M. (2013). Monitoring the Activity of Single Translocons. Journal of Molecular Biology, 425(22), 4145–4153.
#Code - Course NameCredit(s)*
1KU1201 - Introduction of Engineering and Design II1.5
2BM2202 - Microbial Quantitative Physiology1
3BM2204 - Project of Microbial Physiology0.5
4BM3201 - Metabolomics1
5BM2101 - Microbiology1
*refer to the lecturer's credit of teaching

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