xLearning outcomes UPMb are defined further and put into practice within each module and individual courses within modules. Learning outcomes of individual courses or modules are described in the Module Handbook. This information is also available electronically on the academic web pages. Descriptions of learning outcomes of individual courses are composed by lecturers of module, and are written in the Module Handbook. The contribution of each course toward learning outcomes of study programme is depicted in Objective Matrix.

As stated in the Academic and Student Regulation of Institut Teknologi Bandung (2013), a bachelor study programme comprises of two phases. The first phase, namely Common First Year Programme, aims to strengthen basic scientific knowledge and build general capability to support further study, including promote scientific attitude and study habit. The second phase, Undergraduate programme (Sarjana) phase, provides students with basic and core knowledge and skills related to Microbiology.

Altogether, there are twenty-five (25) compulsory modules in UPMb as depicted in table below. Six (6) modules are included in the common first year phase and 19 modules in bachelor phase. For the bachelor phase, there are seven (7) modules included in the second year, seven (7) modules in the third year, and six (5) modules in the fourth year. All courses within the compulsory modules are obligatory. In complementing the obligatory courses, UPMb provides 18 elective courses that categorized into seven (7) modules (see below). Student are given option to choose the courses upon their interest. The module/course structure are further illustrated in the Course Roadmap.


PhaseYearModule NumberModule NameCourse
Common First Year1IBasic Science 1
  1. Elementary Physic 1B
  2. Basic Chemistry 1A
  3. Mathematics 1B
IIBasic Science II
  1. Elementary Physic 2B
  2. Basic Chemistry 2A
  3. Mathematics 2B
IIIIntroduction to Science and Technology
  1. Introduction to Engineering and Design I
  2. Introduction to Engineering and Design II
  3. Introduction to Information Technology A
  4. Introduction to Life Sciences and Technology
IVLife Science
  1. Fundamental Biology
VCommunication Skill
  1. Indonesia Language: Scientific Writing
  2. English (Critical Reading Skill
  3. Presentation Skill
  4. Academic Writing Skill)
VIHumanity I
  1. Analitical Chemistry
  2. Organic Chemistry
  3. Biochemistry
VIIIEnvironmental Science
  1. Environmental Science
IXScientific Thinking
  1. Statistics for Microbiology
XGeneral Microbiology
  1. General Microbiology
  2. Project in Microbiology
XIStructural & Functional Microbiology
  1. Cell and Molecular Biology
  2. Quantitave Microbial Physiology
  3. Project in Microbial Physiology
XIIMicrobial System I
  1. Microbial Ecology and Evolution
XIIIHumanity II
  1. Religion and Ethics
  2. Pancasila and Civic Education
3XIVImpact and Application I (Environment)
  1. Environmental Microbiology
  1. Introduction to Bioinformatics
  2. Microbial Genetic Engineering
  1. Enzymology
  2. Metabolomics
XVIITechniques in Microbiology I
  1. Analytical Microbiology
  2. Principles of Fermentation Technology
XVIIIMicrobial Systems II
  1. Microbial Biosystematics
  2. Virology
  1. Internship
XXResearch Methodology
  1. Research Methodology
  2. Scientific Communication
4XXIImpact and Application II (Industry)
  1. Microbial-Based Product Development
  2. Food Microbiology
XXIIImpact and Application III (Health)
  1. Microbial Pathogenesis and Immunology
  1. Biosafety
  1. Bioindustry Management and Entrepreneurship
XXVResearch Project
  1. Final Project I
  2. Final Project II
  3. Seminar and Final Defense

Compulsory courses cover the learning outcomes of modules and modules cover the learning outcomes of study programme, nevertheless elective courses are also provided to broaden the students’ knowledge which is classified within specific modules.

Semester I
NoModule NumberCodeCourse NumberCU
1MA1102Mathematics 1B3
2FI1102Elementary Physic 1B3
3KI1101Basic Chemistry 1A3
4KU1101Introduction to Engineering and Design I2
5KU1071Introduction to Information Technology A2
6KU1011Indonesian Language: Scientific Writing2
7BI1101Fundamental Biology4
Semester II
NoModule NumberCodeCourse NameCU
1MA1202Mathematics 2B3
2FI1202Elementary Physic 2B3
3KI1201Basic Chemistry 2B3
4KU1201Introduction to Engineering and Design II2
6KU102XEnglish (Critical Reading Skill, Presentation Skill, Academic Writing Skill)(KU1021/1022/1023)2
7BI1201Introduction to Life Sciences and Technology2
Semester III
NoModule NumberCodeCourse NumberCU
1BI2105Environmental Science2
2BM2101General Microbiology3
3BM2102Project in Microbiology2
4KI2051Analytical Chemistry3(1)
5KI2122Organic Chemistry3(1)
6KU2061Religion and Ethics2
7KU2071Pancasila and Civic Education2
Semester IV
NoModule NumberCodeCourse NumberCU
1BM2201Cell and Molecular Biology4(1)
2BM2202Quantitative Microbial Physiology3
3BM2203Microbial Ecology and Evolution3(1)
5BM2204Project in Microbial Physiology2
6BM2205Statistics for Microbiology3
Semester V
NoModule NumberCodeCourse NumberCU
1BM3101Microbial Biosystematics3(1)
3BM3103Environmental Microbiology3
4BM3104Introduction to Bioinformatics2(1)
6BM3106Microbial Genetic Engineering3(1)
7Elective course2
Semester VI
NoModule NumberCodeCourse NumberCU
3BM3001Research Methodology2
4BM3202Analytical Microbiology3(1)
5BM3203Principles of Fermentation Technology4(2)
6BI4002Scientific Communication2
7Elective course2
Semester VII
NoModule NumberCodeCourse NumberCU
1BM4090Final Project I4
2BM4101Microbial Pathogenesis and Immunology3
3BM4102Microbial-Based Product Development3
4BM4103Food Microbiology2
5Elective course7
Semester VIII
NoModule NumberCodeCourse NumberCU
1BM4091Final Project II3
2BM4092Seminar and Final Defense2
4MB4070Bioindustry Management and Entrepeneurship3
5Elective course8

There are seven elective modules provided by UPMb. Student could choose the modules based on their interest and needs. The modules are as follow :

  1. Module XXVIII – Impact and Application IB (Environment)
  2. Module XXVI – Techniques in Microbiology II
  3. Module XXVII – Microbial System III
  4. Module XXIX – Impact and Application IIB (Industry)
  5. Module XXX – Impact and Application IIIB (Health)
  6. Module XXXI – Impact and Application IV (Energy)
  7. Module XXXII – Biosafety II

The elective courses which includes within the modules are as follow :

NoModule NumberCodeCourse NumberCU
1XXVIIBM3002Microbiology Laboratory Assistant2
2XXVIBM3003Current Topics on Microbiology2
3XXVIIBM3107Project in Fungal Technology2
4XXVIIIBM3108Plant-Microbes Interaction2
9XXVIIBM4104Microalgae Cultivation Technique3(1)
10XXXIIBM4105Biosecurity of Bioproduct3
11XXIXBM4106Microbiology of Extremophies2
12XXIXBM4107Cosmetic Microbiology2
14XXVIIBM4109Predictive Microbiology2
15XXVIBM4202Aquatic Microbial Ecology2
17XXXIBM4204Petroleum Microbiology2
18XXXBM4205Diagnostic Microbiology2
Elective courses total credit40

* course offered for Undergraduate Program in Biology
** course offered for Undergraduate Program in Agriculture