Brief Explanation as Exchange Student in University of Tsukuba, Japan

July 1, 2016 8:01 am

By : Dendi Krisna Nugraha

Hello minna, my name is Dendi Krisna Nugraha. Fourth-year Microbiology student in Bandung Institute of Technology. Right now, I’m enrolled as exchange student (Tokubetsu Chokogakusei) in the University of Tsukuba or UT (筑波大学), Tennodai, Japan. This prefecture is located about 60 Km from Tokyo and just takes 45 minutes by semi rapid train. This city is very neat, calm, very friendly people, has so many beautiful sceneries, and of course has supportive environment for studying. University of Tsukuba is known as the oldest and largest national university in Japan. That is why we could find so many old-styled spot in this university.

This program was offered by University of Tsukuba for senior undergraduate students who want to experience Japan and its university life in six-months or one-year period while conducting research activity under professor and taking some compulsory classes. The other side that beneficial by joining this program is we could learn more about Japanese Language.

I’m taking one-year of staying in this program and been living in the International Student Dormitory that was provided by the university. I’m getting scholarship from Japan Student Service Association (JASSO) and the tuition fee is waived for one-year program. My program was divided into two phase, first phase I’m taking some compulsory courses that related to my major as well and after this program ended, of course it could be transferred as a gained credit in home university. Second phase, conducting an experiment related to my major as a final year project that uses as a requirement for completing Bachelor Degree.

Courses that related with Life Sciences here are very fun, mostly I could find in my home university but the difference is the way the professors (Sensei) teach. In the class, Sensei always tell about the researches that have been done in their laboratory. It was fun, different education system in Japan – introducing newest research to the student – somehow will encourage them to do more in the near future. I am so grateful of having this great opportunity to taste Japan’s education system which offers its best.


UT Logo in front of main entrance gate.



Posing beside of Statue in UT


International Student Center in UT