Firda Fadhilah


In microbiology study program, I’m not just learning about the theories of microbes but also being encouraged to apply them. Many applicable program such as mini-reasearch, Fermenstation, internship, and excursion give us
chances to learn outside the class. It is exciting because we could learn how to work in team, sharpen our scientific attitude and scientific thought, and also broaden our knowledge about microbiology in work life and other county. The lecturers are also expert in their field such as environment microbiology, aquaculture, medical, petroleum microbiology, food microbiology, genetics and molecular etc. The study habit also facilitate us to be globalised through digital learning such as blended learning. I’m glad about the improvement on Microbiology Laboratory these day. I hope we could also improve our study quality to be able to do our own research as microbiologist in the future.

Yuzy Fauzyah


Being the only microbiology undergraduate study program in Indonesia, SITH ITB has given the best opportunity for undergraduate students to learn about microorganisms. I only had a little knowledge about microbiology when I was in high school, but now, I can get more knowledge from the Microbiology Undergraduate Study Program of SITH ITB. It also gives us the chance to be a good researcher from our laboratory experiences. Students can choose the topic of their final researches since there are 6 topics: medical microbiology, environmental microbiology, food and feed microbiology, molecular microbiology, fungi, and microbiology enhanced oil recovery (MEOR). Besides learning, every year we can have a chance to be exchange students since there is a microbiology international study tour. After we graduate from the four-year undergraduate program, we can become a researcher, work as quality controllers, or continue our studies before we become lecturers. Finally, I am personally feeling grateful to be accepted in Microbiology SITH ITB

Sathya Deva


I proud to be a student in Microbiology ITB. Here we’re studying very small organisms with big impact in our life on Earth. Knowing about them by learning form great lectures and doing lab work to improve our skills as a microbiologist. The syllabus are arranged to let us master the principal of microbe then develop every semester to make us being more advance in applied microbiology such as : environmental, medical, and, industrial microbiology. Then the proudest one, microbiology ITB has a great relation with other international universities that give us opportunities to study abroad.



I learned more than I expected in microbiology undergraduate programme. From the basic knowledge of microbiology to the broader knowledge of microbiology application in our daily life. Our characters are shaped to have comprehensive skills to make students more competent for their future career life. The curriculum in this programme makes the students to experience various laboratory works, presentation, internship programme, organize workshops, and also develop soft skills in our intense practical team works. Although we do not have state of the art laboratory facilites, it does not limit students to do the extraordinary experiments.



For me, studying in Microbiology ITB Study Program is a pride. I thought microbiology is a science with only a small scope at the first place, but now i realize it is not. Microbiology is a science that is very broad and applicable. Here, i learn how microorganisms are able to grow and develop, interact with environments, and how it can benefit humans’ life. Also, I learn how to socialize with others, working professionally in the lab, and working in team, which is the utmost priority.

Dendi Krisna


A real great opportunity to gain a lots of knowledge from my department, Microbiology (School of Life Sciences and Technology). I haven’t realized yet how important knowledge about microbiology is until I met passionate lecturers as my department has. They taught me and made me know that microbiology will be very useful in the near future, I’d like to say that I’m very proud of being part of Microbiology student in Bandung Institute of Technology. Hardworking, sharpen knowledge, and broaden networking – the things I’d like to do – to make my department as proud as I have them.

Wardah, 2010

“Learning Microbiology in School of Life Sciences and Technology of ITB is beyond my expectations. I get a glimpse of basic life through microscopy organism with all chemical reactions inside its cell and its interaction with its environment. Besides that, I also get more knowledge about Microbiology in medical, pharmaceutical, environmental, and fermented food industrial. Also, each of lecturers here has different background expertise related to Microbiology that broaden insight of Microbiology wider. Since this program study is smaller than most others in ITB, I can interact with my lecturers and supervisor easily.”

Reskandi, 2010

Microbiology is a focused yet dense and applicable subject. Throughout my four-year study, I was enlightened, and then directed to solve problems and conduct research on evolving issues which could be tackled from a microbial perspective. A substantial amount of laboratory work was incorporated into the curriculum, though at times it felt a little overwhelming, here I was privileged to experience and improve my skills on many novel laboratory techniques. The Microbiology community in ITB is relatively small, thus as students we were close to the lecturers and even closer as a class.



Microbiology may not a common college major in Indonesia, but joining Microbiology ITB might be the best decision I made in my life. Even right after entering this department, students were drilled with diverse knowledge, technical skill, and analytical skill through hands-on experiments and projects which topics are interesting and relatable in daily life. Teaching by lecturers with multifarious expertises also enlighten us that application of Microbiology discipline is widespread and needed everywhere.



It was an exciting chance to get a comprehensive skill of an applied life science, especially microbiology-based studies. The program gave us analytical and technical skills in the course. Also, we have had great atmosphere among students and good opportunity for being lectured by experts in their fields. This program provides the applicable skill set that required in the future as a tool for improving the quality of human life in many fields, like food, energy, health, and environment. Though we got so many assignments, presentations, exams, and of course experiments in the lab as well, I really enjoyed being a part of Microbiology student 🙂