Studying microbiology in ITB is one of great experiences during my lifetime. The lecturers and the lectures both are amazing, it’s more than I ever expected. I learn many things about microbes, how’s their structures, how they live, how they survive in every conditions. However, the most important is I can understand life-values through studying their wonderful life and I can deeply say how great is our Creator to create these micro living-creatures (Felicia Irene, Microbiology 2013)



Being part of Microbiology SITH is like being on a second home. Such academic courses and exercises makes us to support and care for each other. I like the scholarly, it’s amazing for me. It is kind of carrying us for exploring past as well as future. All the experiences of working in the labs we have got is no less for us to get through all the way to be a pro scientist.”



Studying in Microbiology ITB introduces me to many new things I’ve never imagined before. The lecturers, friends, and learning system are some aspects which inspire me to be a better girl. In here, we are taught not only about theory but also skills. We do practicums in laboratory, such as basic technique of isolation and modification of microbes. As we know that microbes are very useful in human’s life. It is needed for food, cosmetic, and medical treatment. That’s why I believe that being microbiologist will enable me to give important roles for the sake of a better world. Viva Microbiology ITB!



Microbiology is a specific yet broad science. In SITH ITB Microbiology study program we are taught how applicable and how closely related human life with microorganisms. Microorganisms benefit human in so many sectors, such as food production, environment, medicine, and many more. Here, we can choose in which field we are interested in. The lecturers have so many experiences in microbiology field, not just academically, but they also have many experience from their daily lives. Every lecture is related with the lecturer’s experiences and daily life story, making it more understandable for the students. I am grateful to join microbiology study program in SITH ITB because it’s so closely related to our lives and has so many prospects due to its broad applications.