Dr. Dea Indriani Astuti

Mikrobiologi Minyak Bumi dan Teknologi Fermentasi

Dr. Dea Indriani is a lecturer and expertise in petroleum and food microbiology. Her research interest lied on utilization of microorganisms for food fermentation technology and microbial energy.

In microbial energy, she has been initiated several extensive studies on Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery research and development starting from lab-scale test to field implementation. Expanding the scope of her works, she is now working on the development of coal biosolubilization using indigenous microbes.

In addition, she also developed standardization of food fermentation process to increase its nutritional value and the use and development of probiotics bacteria.

Dr. Dea finished her BSc and doctoral degree from Biology, ITB. Her research works has been lead to dozen of publications and seminars with a huge impact in both, regional and global scale. More information can be found here.

  1. Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery
  2. Coal Biosolubilization
  3. Food Fermentation Process
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#Kode - Nama Mata KuliahSKS*
1BM3207 - Mikrobiologi3
2BM3203 - Prinsip Teknik Fermentasi 4
3BM4202 - Mikrobiologi Minyak Bumi1
4BT5207 - Mikrobiologi dan Makanan Fermentasi2
5KU1201 - Pengantar Rekayasa dan Desain II0.5
6BM2102 - Proyek Mikrobiologi1
7BM4102 - Pengembangan Produk Mikroba1
8BM4103 - Mikrobiologi Makanan2
9BM4107 - Mikrobiologi Kosmetik1
10BT6102 - Teknologi Fermentasi2
11BI4101 - Akuakultur2

*merujuk pada SKS riil beban dosen

Mahasiswa S3

Keukeu Kaniawati Study of Microbial Community in Biocorrosion Phenomena

Mahasiswa S2

Fadhliani Optimization of Biosurfactant Production by Isolated bacterium from Oil sample
Aliyah Purwanti Production of Biosurfactant using Indigenous Bacterium for MEOR Implementation
Vira Putri Yarlina Optimization of Yogurt Fermentation Process from Tempeh for Increasing its Nutritional Value

Mahasiswa S1

Fadilla Zahra Putri Inhibition of Microbial-Induced Corrosion by Green Inhibitor
Ikhsan Monitoring of Bioaugmentation Process In MEOR Field Pilot Test
Ratna Eka Putri Isolation and Screening of Biosurfactant-Producing Bacteria for MEOR Technology
Christophorus Louis Sutantra Optimization of Nata Biocellulose Production with Insertion of Vit. C
Fajriana Shafira Nurrusyda Biocellulose Production from Bacterium Culture inserted with Curcumin
Aryo Putra Purwanto Optimization of Microbial Consortia for MEOR Process on Lab Scale
Miranti Fitri Khairunissa Isolation and Characterization of Oil-degrading Bacteria
Benedictus Gutjahr Simulation of MEOR Bioaugmentation Strategy on Artificial Core
Halida Belebi Inhibition of Microbial-Induced Corrosion by Green Inhibitor