Dr. Isty Adhitiya Purwasena

Mikrobiologi Minyak Bumi dan Ekologi Mikroba

Dr. Isty is a research expert in petroleum microbiology, biosystematics and microbial ecology. She finished her bachelor and master degree in SITH, ITB then followed by pursuing her doctoral degree in Kyushu University, Japan. Her research takes place at the interface between microbiology and petroleum engineering, with a focus interest on the exploitation of microbial diversity and its bioproducts to tackle the problems in oil and gas industries using, such as, oil recovery improvement and inhibition of microbiological-induced corrosion in oil pipeline, by using green-technology approach.

  1. Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR)
  2. Microbial Induced Corrosion
  3. Dynamics of microbial community in oil and gas industries
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  2. Astuti, D.I., Fenilia, I., Aditiawati, P., and Purwasena, I.A. 2014. Sequential Isolation, Selection, and characterization of Indigen Hydrocarbonoclastic Bacteria Producing Extracellular Polymeric Substance from Oil Reservoir for Application in MEOR. International Symposium on Earth Science and Technology, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan, December 2014.
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1BM3207 - Mikrobiologi3
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3BM4202 - Mikrobiologi Minyak Bumi1
4BM3202 -Mikrobiologi Analitik1.5
5KU1201 - Pengantar Rekayasa dan Desain II1.5
6BM2204 - Proyek Fisiologi Mikroba0.5
7BM2101 - Proyek Mikrobiologi1
8BM3101 - Biosistematika Mikroba1.5
9BM3090 - Kerja Praktek1
10BM4090 - Tugas Akhir I0.5
11BM4091 - Tugas Akhir II0.5
12BM4092 - Seminar dan Sidang0.5
13BM4105 - Biosecurity of Bioproduct0.5
14BW4092 - Forestry Microbiology1

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