• Leading to the future

    Our Head of Microbiology Study Program, Dr. Ernawati G. Rachman in front of School of Life Sciences and Technology building.

  • From theory to practice.

    One of the laboratory practice course in microbiology study program. Laboratory practice will give students better understanding of courses taught and it will also provide a chance to discuss with assistants and lecturer.

  • Learning outside the class.

    Field course held as a part of our practical course. Field course give students opportunity to get up close with microbiological application in environment and also to create better understanding of courses taught not only in the laboratory but also in the field.

  • Environmental Microbiology

    SEM image of bacterial growth and colonization from injected artificial cores for Microbial Enhanced Oil and Recovery research

  • Science of Microbiology

    Microbiology studying the way of how microorganism evolve into a complex creature, constructing our understanding on the framework of natural history.

  • Medical Microbiology

    Tuberculosis has been placed as a leading cause of death for centuries. Can we really end it in 2035?

  • Industrial Microbiology

    Industrial Microbiology Explore, Discover, and Apply. School of Life Sciences and Technology aims to be a leading institution on development of bioindustry in Indonesia


Shrimp Culture in Indonesia: Future Considerations and Potentials

  Indonesia is the country with highest global potential for warm water shrimp production. Perhaps, this is one of the focus point emphasized by Dr. Dean Akiyama in his guest lecture on Friday, November 25th 2016 titled Shrimp Culture in Indonesia: Future Consideration and Job Potential for Students. Been in shrimp business for about 30… View Article

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Metabolomics : New Era in Science

     Genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics aren’t peculiar term for students in science. The three omics are commonly found omics and has been the focus of development by human in recent years. In fact, there is one -omics that hasn’t been touched by many scientists – but having an enormous potential. This potential in metabolomics… View Article

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Fermenstation : Between of Kitchen and Laboratorium

         As time progresses, human’s awareness about health and hygiene is gradually increasing. This brings about the need of standardization in food industry, including fermented food products. Not only concerning quality of food in terms of health and hygiene, standardization has since been a need in industry in order to ensure that manufactured products always… View Article

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