• Leading to the future

    Our Head of Microbiology Study Program, Dr. Ernawati G. Rachman in front of School of Life Sciences and Technology building.

  • From theory to practice.

    One of the laboratory practice course in microbiology study program. Laboratory practice will give students better understanding of courses taught and it will also provide a chance to discuss with assistants and lecturer.

  • Learning outside the class.

    Field course held as a part of our practical course. Field course give students opportunity to get up close with microbiological application in environment and also to create better understanding of courses taught not only in the laboratory but also in the field.

  • Environmental Microbiology

    SEM image of bacterial growth and colonization from injected artificial cores for Microbial Enhanced Oil and Recovery research

  • Science of Microbiology

    Microbiology studying the way of how microorganism evolve into a complex creature, constructing our understanding on the framework of natural history.

  • Medical Microbiology

    Tuberculosis has been placed as a leading cause of death for centuries. Can we really end it in 2035?

  • Industrial Microbiology

    Industrial Microbiology Explore, Discover, and Apply. School of Life Sciences and Technology aims to be a leading institution on development of bioindustry in Indonesia


Talk show and Beauty Class Fermenstation 2017 : Aesthetic Fermentation

Cosmetic industry in one of the rapidly growing industry in millennial era, where demand of self-care and beauty for women is one of contributing factor. Amidst the emergence of new cosmetic products, microbiology with its fermentation process offers fresh alternative in production of cosmetic products. Seeing the trend in community, Fermenstation 2017 brought a series… View Article

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Operon 2017 : New Approach to Introduce Microbiology

Human have predicted the existence of microorganism long before Robert Hooke observed fruiting body of mould in 1666. However, microbiology just begun to develop in 19th century credited to the works of Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch. In 21st century, the field experienced enormous development with the emergence of its branches. Unfortunately, many Indonesian are… View Article

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Nurturing Personal Growth Through Competitions : Achievements of Students of Microbiology ITB

As an undergraduate program that fully supports the growth of its students as an individual, Microbiology Undergraduate Program of School of Life Sciences and Technology ITB has always been encouraging its students to participate in various competition and events that could enhance their skill. By putting their hard and soft skill to practical approach, one… View Article

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