About Us

Peace for us all,ITB as one of the prestigious university has developed very rapidly and dynamically in terms of the development of science, technology, and art as an effort to develop competence and anticipating the needs of both national and global communities. One of the areas of science developed is the field of microbiology. Microbiology plays a very important role in some sectors such as health, food, environment, and even has developed in some specific branches such as petroleum microbiology, surfactant industry, aquaculture, biomedical and environmental microbial engineering. All this development has a very strategic function for the Indonesian people and citizens of the world. As one of the study programs in SITH ITB, Microbiology Study Program always maintain a commitment to become a leading institution in the fields of tropical microbiology and always put education, research, and community service in its activities.

About the Program Study

The Undergraduates Programme in Microbiology SLST provides basic knowledge and skills related to microbiology. It starts with strengthening basic sciences in the first year followed by introductory knowledge of microbiology related sciences in the following year. Students are exposed to more-detailed knowledge and skills, especially in food/industry, health and environment in the following years through various courses with some involving field excursion, visits to industries and internship. Scientific and social skills exercises are embedded within courses among the years. At the end of the programme, an individual research work is given and students are expected to finish their study with giving a seminar, a written report (thesis) and comprehensive examination.

Head of Microbiology Program
Ernawati Arifin Giri-Rachman, Dr