Experiences of a Half-Year Young Scientist Exchange Program Participant

July 1, 2016 8:08 am

By : Dyah Subagyo

Hi! My name is Dyah Subagyo, born and bred in Bandung. I’ve never been living outside Bandung or separately from my family before, so YSEP is a golden chance to learn living independently.

Before coming to Japan, I thought that the culture that I will be most in touch with is only Japanese culture (besides microbe culture in lab, of course). It turns out that I am wrong. Yes, I interact with many elements of Japanese culture and with Japanese people in my laboratory.


But I also interact a lot with people from different countries, such as Norway, France, New Caledonia, Germany, and China. I also interact with people from Indonesia, not necessarily from the same university. I get new friends here, whom I am very fond of with.




But life is not only for playing. I am honored to be accepted to an exceptional team in 福居laboratory. My research is related to genes involved in carbon dioxide binding. Thanks to this, I get to learn how to operate new machines such as electroporator machine and L-glutamate measuring machine (not displayed here). These are useful knowledge in my field of study.

Six months is a brief period, but these six months impact my life greatly. I get new skills, both laboratory-related and daily life related. I get many friends and acquaintances. I am getting more independent and confident. Overall? I feel like a new human, improved.