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Intan Taufik, S.Si., M.Si., Ph.D

Head of the Bachelor of Microbiology Study Program SITH-ITB

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The Accreditation of Bachelor of Microbiology Study Program SITH-ITB

Welcome to the Bachelor of Microbiology Study Program, School of Life Sciences and Technology ITB (SITH ITB). Microbiology is a very important science to study because history has proven that the presence of microorganisms in nature has a major impact on the sustainability and welfare of human life. In accordance with our vision to become a Microbiology study program that excels in the development of science and technology that encourages the development of bio-industry based on Indonesia's microbial richness, educational, research, and community service activities in Microbiology SITH ITB is constantly evolving so that they remain relevant to national needs and are able to compete and respect at the global level. This has also been proven by achieving the title of "Excellent Study Program" from the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education and international accreditation from ASIIN Germany. In line with the development of science in the world, the educational curriculum at SITH ITB Microbiology takes into account the challenges of industry 4.0 which emphasizes information technology, artificial intelligence, and development of biotechnology. Students in the Microbiology Undergraduate Study Program are equipped with in-depth knowledge basic science (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology) in the first year which will become the scientific foundation in the following year (undergraduate stage). At the undergraduate level, students are given basic microbiological sciences such as cell structure and function, physiology, genetics, statistics, chemistry, and environmental knowledge. This basic knowledge is needed so that students are ready to understand the complexity of interactions between microbes and the interactions of microbes with their environment. This understanding will support the application of microbiology in various fields developed at SITH, such as Nutrition and Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture and Forestry, Aquaculture, Health, Environment and Energy. Various fields developed in SITH ITB Microbiology are also in line with Sustainable Development Goals which is planned to be achieved in 2030. In the end, it is hoped that graduates of the Undergraduate Microbiology Study Program will become well-rounded professional who are not only proficient in Microbiology but also have laboratory skills, ethics, and the ability to think well scientifically.

Head of the Bachelor of Microbiology Study Program

Intan Taufik, Ph.D